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My name is Duane Lipham and I am a Certified Long Term Care consultant. After experiencing the challenges associated with long term care issues in my own family, I do my best to help provide as much information as possible for others on this important subject.

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The Long Term Care Review Blog: My blog contains the most up to date information on the LTC industry as well as recent news and information regarding related issues as they appear in the media. I also try to discuss some of the more important facets of the subject and provide timely education as well.

My Syndicated articles on Long-Term Care: Learn more about long-term care insurance by reading some of my most popular articles on the subject. There is plenty of materials to help answer the most common questions that I am asked.

Download my long-term care insurance guidebook: I am the author of "Bringing Simplicity To Long-Term Care Insurance". It's a very concise guidebook that helps answer the following questions.

  • What Does Medicare and Medicaid Pay For long-term care?
  • Who needs long-term care insurance?
  • When should you consider buying long-term care insurance?
  • What are the five foundational features of a good long-term care insurance policy?
  • How can the cost of long-term care insurance be reduced?
  • Which insurance company should you choose?
  • and MUCH MORE!
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Free Downloads: Here you will find several files and articles that will help explain long-term care in general and help you learn how to design a long-term care insurance policy that is best for your particular circumstances.

Genworth Cost of Care Survey: Genworth, as one of the industry leaders in long-term care insurance, produces an annual survey to help consumers become familiar with the cost of long-term care services in their area. It includes the cost of home care, assisted living and nursing facilities. I highly recommend reviewing this survey right away.

Free long-term care educational videos: You can download and view some excellent educational videos on long-term care and long-term care insurance.

Client testimonials: I regularly receive expressions of thanks from my clients for the service I provide. You can read and hear the testimonials in their own words here.

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